The realization of your website in eco-design mode takes the basis of the Design Thinking by adding the approach of good practices of eco-design. I apply a Design Thinking approach:

  1. Understanding your issues
  2. Defining your needs
  3. Searching for adapted solutions
  4. Prototyping the solution
  5. User testing
  6. Development monopolizing the least amount of resources (computer power, network access, amount of data to be processed, time spent by users)

The depth of analysis of steps 1 to 5 is defined according to your expectations.


  • Framing session,
  • Personas,
  • User paths,
  • Co-creation workshops,
  • Prototypes,
  • User tests,
  • Agile method,
  • HTML-CSS-JS development.


  • Report and recommendations,
  • Persona sheets,
  • User path sheets,
  • Access to the prototype,
  • Videos of user tests,
  • Access to the development follow-up,
  • Source code of the delivered solution.
Depending on the size of the project, I develop the solution or I call upon a partner selected according to the need and trustworthy whose work I will follow. If you are in a hurry and your needs are limited, the ‘Eco-web express package’ offer may interest you.

Eco-web express package

The goal of this offer is to quickly deliver a solution for the launch of your business or special event while respecting the principles of eco-design to minimize environmental impacts.

The package includes:

  • The creation of a personal logo and a personal color palette.
  • The registration of a domain name.
  • Green hosting with a mailbox.
  • A single page or an eco-designed landing page.

The options can be resized according to your expectations (example: page in 2 languages).


  • Framing session,
  • Logo design,
  • HTML-CSS-JS development.


  • Visual identity sheet and its media files,
  • Source code of the page.

You have a project involving your eco-responsibility

Let’s discuss your issues and needs together to define a collaboration that will guarantee the success of your project.

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🌱 This website is eco-designed.
It is sustainable and low-consumption.

  • Its A average rating is maximum, obtained according to the environmental performance tool For an order of magnitude, 100 visits per month consume 2.02 l of blue water and emit 135 gCO2e of greenhouse gases.
  • The average weight of the pages of the website is less than 500 Kb.
  • Lighthouse Scores: Performance 95%, Accessibility 94%, Best Practices 100%, SEO 92%.
  • Green hosting at