Create an identity and a digital presence

A company is also an identity that allows each one to differentiate itself and be recognizable. A visual identity allows to:

  • Define the personal and identifiable identity of the business
  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Be relevant and aligned with the service offering
  • Be consistent with the target audience
  • Set the message to be conveyed
This identity is digitally declinable. Given the sector of activity of LUSUL Environnement and the sensitivity of its founders for ecological impacts, the digital presence had to be eco-designed with a simple, static, fast and efficient website for a good natural referencing. The scope of the project was thus focused on 3 axes: the visual identity of LUSUL Environnement, the eco-designed website and a communication awareness via LinkedIn.



Project Management, UX Design, GreenIT Development

Duration of the project

2 weeks

Applied methodologies

  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • UX Design
  • Figma Prototyping
  • HTML CSS JS development
  • Communication awareness via Linkedin
Eco-designed website with responsive design


Creation of the visual identity

The visual identity was created in close collaboration with the founders to ensure brand ownership. It includes:

  • The logo declined in different formats responding to digital communication (mobile and wide screen) as well as paper communication.
  • The color palette.
  • The light typography to use.
  • A series of personal icons.
  • Recommendations for visuals.
  • A banner for LinkedIn profiles. All of this was compiled into a Style Guide, a summary of all the assets to use.
Style guide Lusul Environment
Ecoindex results

Eco-design of the website

The website being simple and efficient, a single page mode was developed in responsive design allowing to adapt to mobile devices as well as to larger screens and offering a simple and fluid user experience.

The development has respected the best GreenIT practices to limit its environmental impact: static site, limitation of server calls and third party services, use of light format, optimal compression of media, minification of resources, etc… The result is a good rating of 76% according to the environmental performance tool EcoIndex. For 100 visits per month, this site will consume 2.22 l of blue water and will emit 148 gCO2e of greenhouse gases (for an idea of order of magnitude this corresponds to about 450m driven by car and a little more than one third of water consumed by a shower).

It was also chosen to host the site with a green host, Infomaniak.


Quite a support

Managing a project is much more than development. It is also a real accompaniment with advice and strategic support to customers. In addition to making recommendations in terms of communication or tools facilitating daily work, I recommended service providers offering services respecting the values of the company and helping customers to carry out the registration and configuration of their business space.

A big thank you to LUSUL Environnement for its trust and its commitment to a responsible digital.

Discoveer LUSUL Environnement's website

🌱 This website is eco-designed.
It is sustainable and low-consumption.

  • Its A average rating is maximum, obtained according to the environmental performance tool www.ecoindex.fr. For an order of magnitude, 100 visits per month consume 2.02 l of blue water and emit 135 gCO2e of greenhouse gases.
  • The average weight of the pages of the website is less than 500 Kb.
  • Lighthouse Scores: Performance 95%, Accessibility 94%, Best Practices 100%, SEO 92%.
  • Green hosting at www.infomaniak.ch.