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Eco-design of digital solutions

Services platform, e-commerce, ERP, open source solutions… We define and design together the solution that fits your needs and I recommend you in all independence the partners who correspond to you for the development. I will ensure the project management with my greatest attention.

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Audit and consulting

My audits are complete assessments on 3 issues:

  • Quantitative study (analytics)
  • Qualitative study (user experience UX)
  • Environmental study (CO2 eq impacts)

A partial audit can be considered according to your needs.

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Creation of eco-designed website

Realization of the responsive-design website (including mobile version) optimized according to the principle of eco-design. Natural SEO, domain name and green hosting.

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Eco-web express formula

Ideal for launching your activity or an special event.

  • 1 logo
  • 1 domain name
  • 1 single page eco-designed
  • 1 green hosting

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Global Digital Footprint
Digital global footprint


of greenhouse gases (1'400 million tons) come from digital technology, more than civil aviation...


of primary energy consumption.


million cubic meters of fresh water.


million tons of land resources.


of electricity consumption.


Digital technology is an obvious source of innovation and progress. But it is also a source of greenhouse gases sustainable for global warming, depletion of resources through the extraction of materials needed to manufacture equipment, energy consumption and all the consequences (pollution, water consumption, societal impact). And the number of connected objects is growing exponentially.

🌱 Sober digital technology that is more respectful of its users and the environment is possible thanks to eco-design.

Sobriety does not mean being limited, but rather setting one’s own limits, getting rid of the superfluous, aiming at simplicity and efficiency: reducing one’s impacts while keeping one’s qualities of use.


Eco-design is a process of sustainable design 2.0 balancing “People, Planet, Profit” (“triple bottom line” or “triple P”) that are considered from the launch of the project:

  • Human: by promoting accessibility, inclusion, ease of use, data protection.
  • The environment: by minimizing ecological impacts, saving energy.
  • Your business: by respecting your strategy, taking into account your objectives.

This principle allows you to limit your environmental footprint and also to improve the user experience of your customers or users - See overall benefits below.

People, planet, profit


For your business

  • Efficiency and utility
  • Energy savings
  • Reducing technical debt
  • Reducing costs
  • Sharing knowledge, increasing skills of your teams
  • Can be integrated into your CSR policy
  • Committed brand
  • Enhancing your image
  • Better referencing

For your users or customers

  • Pleasant user experience
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion of the largest number
  • Ease of use
  • Smoothness of the user path
  • Rational use of personal data (RGPD)
  • Data protection

For the environment

  • Reducing your environmental footprint
  • Resource scarcity
  • Water consumption
  • Primary energy consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Pollution

To better understand the environmental impacts of digital technology:

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🌱 This website is eco-designed.
It is sustainable and low-consumption.

  • Its A average rating is maximum, obtained according to the environmental performance tool For an order of magnitude, 100 visits per month consume 2.02 l of blue water and emit 135 gCO2e of greenhouse gases.
  • The average weight of the pages of the website is less than 500 Kb.
  • Lighthouse Scores: Performance 95%, Accessibility 94%, Best Practices 100%, SEO 92%.
  • Green hosting at