Your mobile is more valuable than you think

Is your mobile important to you? Is it valuable to you? Its value matters more than you think!
Mobile Uses
In fact, your smartphone contains 10 mg of gold. Why? Let’s take a look inside…
Under the screen
A smartphone is made up of different components: housing (often plastic), battery, electronics (including the processor), screen, touchscreen and glass.
Components of a mobile
All of these components are composed of 50% metals, 40% plastics and synthetic materials, 10% glass and ceramics.
Metals of a mobile
These different materials are made from natural resources (oil, metals and rare earths) to be extracted. The manufacture of a smartphone requires 220 kg of resources!
Environmental impact of a mobile
Knowing that the number of sales has been growing steadily (until the Covid crisis), it is estimated that by 2022 there would be 16 billion smartphones in the world.
Number of mobiles in the world
The environmental consequences of smartphone manufacturing are significant: resource depletion, toxic emissions into the environment and greenhouse gas emissions…
Global warming
Yes, your smartphone is valuable and rather twice as valuable as one. So take care of it, don’t replace it too quickly, get it repaired and give it a second life.
Taking care of your mobile

75% of the environmental impact of mobiles is due to their manufacture. And the resources needed to manufacture them are far from being inexhaustible. Let’s reduce our environmental impact for a sustainable digital world.

Data sources: Ademe, Statista (Gartner, The Radicati Group)

Raising awareness of the environmental impact of digital

As a professional facilitator of the Fresque du Numérique, I propose a half-day workshop to raise awareness among your teams.

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