Your smartphone is more valuable than you think.

La valeur de votre mobile - Your mobile value

Slide between screens to have a look inside your smartphone:

Is your smartphone important to you?
Is it worth gold to you? More than you think!

Précieux mobile - Precious smartphone

In fact, your smartphone contains 10 mg of gold.
Why is that? Let's take a look inside...

Sous l'écran - Behind the screen

A smartphone is composed of various elements: case (often plastic), battery, electronic components (including the processor), screen, touch screen and glass.

De nombreux composant d'un mobile - Many components in a smartphone

All these components are made of 50% metals, 40% plastics and synthetic materials, 10% glass and ceramic.

Métaux d'un mobile - Metals in a smartphone

More than 50 different metals in a mobile?!

These different materials are made from natural resources (oil, metals and rare earths) to be extract. The manufacturing of a smartphone requires 220 kg of resources!

220 kg de ressources pour un mobile de 150g - 220 kg of ressources for a 150g smartphone

Knowing that the number of sales has been growing (until the Covid crisis), it is estimated that in 2022, there would be 16 billion smartphones in the world.

Nombre de mobile dans le monde - Number of smartphone in the world

The environmental impact of the manufacturing of smartphones are significant: depletion of resources, toxic emissions into the environment and greenhouse gas emissions...

Impacts environnementaux - Environmental impacts

Yes, your smartphone is precious and rather twice as valuable as once. So take care of it, don't replace it too quickly, have it repaired and give it a second life.

Usage durable du mobile - Sustainable use of mobile

75% of the environmental impact of smartphones is due to their manufacturing.
And the resources needed to manufacture them are far from inexhaustible.
‍Let's reduce our environmental impact for a sustainable digital world.

Data sources : Ademe, Statista (Gartner, The Radicati Group)

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