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for designing digital services that are more sober, more responsible, and more respectful of users and the environment.
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Creation of SBM Offshore's Design System

Create a coherent digital foundation for branded services.


Build customer loyalty

I create a win/win relationship between you and your customers with an intuitive and engaging experience, a digital tool that makes your customers want to return.

Transform you effectively

Transforming yourself seems difficult: I help you to find opportunities, define your strategy and manage it by integrating your challenges and constraints.

Differentiate yourself

Facing competitors, it is important to differentiate yourself: I create with you an user experience that distinguishes you, amplifies your brand image.

UX audit of a hotel booking platform

Highlight areas for improvement and conversion losses.
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Re-design of the customer journey of a hotel booking platform

Increase the conversion rate.
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Why Eco Design?

Digital technology is not free, neither for companies nor for the planet: its use consumes energy (which has a cost) and its manufacturing (all the material from the smartphone to the server and the network cables) has a huge impact on the environment.

Digital technology is a great tool, it is our future, so let's save it by designing services that are more sober, more responsible, more respectful of the user and the environment. Simpler services are also more accessible, easier to use (especially with people less comfortable with technology), so they can reach many more users.



Thanks to my expertise in UX Design, you will innovate while ensuring your return on investment: I prototype your projects to validate your assumptions before opening development budgets.

And innovate quickly

In the case of urgent solutions, I advise you in Lean UX mode on no-code tools and services that will enable you to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

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Innovate by Design

New value offer for a cookery school

Develop and expand its activities.
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No-code mobile app development

Simplify the follow-up of interventions.
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Motivate your teams

In the face of change, it's good to get your teams on board and keep them motivated: the design workshops I facilitate allow your teams to agree and collaborate to build together the best version of the solution to be implemented. This type of experience (in which your clients can be involved) is extremely productive and optimises the chances of success of the project as well as motivating the participants.

Co-design workshop on train travel

Stimulate the collective intelligence of a team.
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Adeline Pech...

Experience Designer & Digital Strategist in Geneva, I advise and support you in the creation or improvement of your digital tools and other innovative projects.

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Why working with a freelance?

Flexibility, proximity, availability, seniority, versatility, a single contact person who listens to you and talks to you in an understandable way!

A project? An idea?

Available and responsive, I will be happy to talk with you.

Adeline Pech as UX Designer freelance