To prepare your company or organization for the growing requests of your customers and partners as well as for future regulations, it is important to make your teams aware of the environmental challenges of digital technology and thus align all employees with the challenges to be met.

As a professional and a local referent in Geneva, I use the Digital Collage workshop, a rigorous and objective educational tool that raises awareness without making people feel guilty. During this half-day workshop (minimum 3 hours) your employees will acquire the keys to act in the organization as in their lives, while contributing to the transformation of your company. The workshop takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Understanding with the construction of a fresco based on commented cards
  2. Creativity through illustration and commentary for everyone’s appropriation
  3. The restitution with an oral correction
  4. The actions, some of which will be retained by the teams to be integrated into your new strategy.

This workshop is a special moment that brings teams together and forges strategic business thinking. Don’t miss this opportunity to promote an internal cultural change and let’s schedule a workshop now.

NB: The Digital Collage was co-created by Aurélien Déragne and Yvain Mouneu. Rights of use per pro participant are paid to the association The Digital Collage. These rights of use allow to contribute to finance the association so that this one has the means to diffuse the workshop in citizen and school frameworks in particular.


  • Pro workshop of the Digital Collage.


  • Your collage with its cards,
  • Your actions list.

Do you want to better understand the environmental challenges of digital technology?

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