Search for new opportunities

Growing a business can be difficult when the great idea is not obvious. A cookery school was facing this problem and approached me to identify avenues of development for new business activities.




UX Strategist

Duration of the project

1 week 1/2

Applied methodologies

  • Analysis of customer feedback
  • Competitors benchmark
  • Persona
  • Customer journey
  • Service Blueprint
  • Reporting
Student cooking


UX Business Model

The approach was to revise the business model with a UX vision based on customer feedback to the service concerned.

The development of a proto-persona and its user journey revealed opportunities distinct from the competition (following a competitors benchmark) for a more fleshed out and modern user experience.

UX Business Model
Primary persona customer journey

Service Blueprint

The proposed solutions were integrated into the UX Business Model.

A new Service Blueprint* of the company was defined and allowed the company to show the new internal processes to be put in place and the implications at the back-office level.

*: A Service Blueprint maps the customer journey with all the internal processes of the company, invisible to the customers but necessary to respond to the customer experience. Blueprints thus show the hidden area of the customer journey, invisible to the user.

Customer journey of the primary persona


Report and recommendations

The project deliverables included: the proto-persona sheet, its user journey, the company’s service blueprint, the UX business model, all before and after revision and integration of new opportunities.


« Adeline’s project was of high quality! Both in writing and orally, she offered us a finished work, assertive, justified and in line with our expectations. She took on board the whole of the expected project methodology and her speech was in keeping with this agile side. She did all the things we asked for (blueprint / business canva / choice of tools, etc.). She offers support throughout the project and is very professional in her approach. »

Laura Skoric
Mentor & Graphic Designer Freelance

Expand your business?

By unravelling your customers’ journey, you will detect market opportunities. But it is by mapping all your internal and external processes that you will best understand the impacts and challenges you face. I can help you map your Blueprint service.

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