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Re-design the customer journey

of a hotel booking platform
in order to increase the conversion rate (bookings).


Increase the conversion rate

Following the usability study of this hotel reservation platform, a project to design a new service offering was launched with the objective of achieving a rapid result, i.e. an MVP* in 1 month.

With my collaboration, the client set up a mixed project team (UX Designer, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service) to propose a search and reservation path that is intuitive, efficient and in keeping with the image of the hotel group.

*:  Minimum Viable Product.




UX Designer, Project Manager

Duration of the project

3 weeks 1/2

Applied methodologies


Co-design workshops


Agile / Lean-UX project management


Competors benchmark


Personas and user journeys


UX Business Model Canva


Low and high definition prototyping


User tests




Lean UX

The client wanted to iterate quickly in a Lean-UX world, however the team was forced to run the project completely remotely (due to Covid-19 containment) which went against the Lean-UX principles.
I then adapted the project management by combining Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile to achieve the goal of delivering an optimised MVP in less than a month.

Co-design workshops

Prior to the project launch, a benchmark of the competition and a survey on travel bookings were carried out. The results have been shared with the project team for inspiration.

The team's co-design workshops enabled us to quickly define proto-personas and their customer journeys. So we proposed a new UX Business Model integrating solutions better adapted to users' needs:
- simple and innovative search function,
- more legible presentation of results,
- clear and efficient booking path.
The customer journey was then updated with these solutions.


Bringing a team together to draw on the collective intelligence of all the participants allows us to solve problems in an innovative way. My role as a facilitator is key to carrying out the Design Thinking process and ensuring that the road map runs smoothly.

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Prototypes and user tests

A product backlog was defined by my and shared to the team to launch the design in Agile mode. 2 sprints with user tests were carried out to iteratively optimise the prototype.

The 2 sprints resulted in an innovative MVP, offering a pleasant experience and a high-performance reservation mode.


Report and recommendations

The MVP was highly regarded for its innovation, efficiency and simplicity.
The small number of changes required as a result of testing the prototype in Sprint 2 meant that development could be launched in Sprint 3.
It was recommended that A/B tests should be carried out at go-live on the key CTA wordings to measure the impact on conversion rates over a larger sample of users.

Re-design of a solution or service?

Prototyping and user testing allow a solution to be quickly pivoted and improved without impacting the development phase. The design phase is far from superfluous: it saves development time and limits the risk of user dissatisfaction.

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