Design of a responsive-design website

As head of multimedia development for a luxury brand, my role was to design a new corporate website to extend the visibility of the brand regardless of the user’s media type (laptop, tablet, mobile) or location in the world (connection speed).




Project Management, Business Intelligence, UX Strategist, Team Management

Duration of the project

11 months

Applied methodologies

  • Project management
  • Planning management
  • UX Design
  • Team management
  • Partners management
  • Analysis of results
Example of the page with all the products


Organisation and coordination

My role was to get different professions to collaborate in defining this project, to take charge of its design (mobile first design), to follow its development, to coordinate all the people involved in the project, from the writers to the translators, via the graphic designers, the developers and the Content Delivery Network providers. ‍ The changeover from the old to the new site was a challenge, given the already high level of traffic that had to be maintained at least.

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Balance sheet

By improving the performance of the site, the user experience and the immersion within the brand, this project was a success with an increase in traffic of more than 30%!

From a global point of view, the internal management of the corporate website by my team has enabled us to work on a constant growth in traffic, a factor of 3 over 6-7 years.

Progression of visits year after year

Controlling your project?

My experience in project and team management as well as my skills in UX Design are undeniable assets for the smooth running of your project, from its definition to its production.

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🌱 This website is eco-designed.
It is sustainable and low-consumption.

  • Its A average rating is maximum, obtained according to the environmental performance tool For an order of magnitude, 100 visits per month consume 2.02 l of blue water and emit 135 gCO2e of greenhouse gases.
  • The average weight of the pages of the website is less than 500 Kb.
  • Lighthouse Scores: Performance 95%, Accessibility 94%, Best Practices 100%, SEO 92%.
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