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A major hotel group was facing insufficient booking rates despite a good image. This brand is strong, well known and recognised. ‍ Statistics alone do not provide a complete understanding of the behaviour of users of a website. My mission was therefore to audit the website from a user experience point of view, to analyse its results and to propose improvements to the booking platform.



UX Designer

Duration of the project

2 month 1/2

Applied methodologies

  • Benchmark
  • Nielsen’s heuristic evaluation
  • Usability tests
  • DEEP Usability survey
  • Card sorting
  • Individual interviews
  • Analysis



The evaluation model chosen for this study was the Nielsen heuristic, a worldwide reference in the digital field. This evaluation is based on 10 usability criteria. The booking journey was reviewed with a rating of the experience elements. The results are compiled in the report in table form. The overall evaluation revealed a disappointing score, but also a particularly unstable platform with data loss: the user experience was extremely frustrating.

Nielsen's 10 heuristic criteria
Example of an analysis sheet for a page of the platform

User tests and interviews

I carried out user tests to confirm the first impression. These tests were filmed for ease of synthesis and playback. ‍ The tests were very instructive and the frustration of the users notable. The viewing of the video extracts of the user tests by the client, with their sometimes sharp words, highlighted the complexity of the system for booking a hotel room.

All the friction points that were identified in the booking process as well as the points leading to conversion losses were listed in the study report. The report was completed with proposals for technical, ergonomic and experiential improvements.

Frustrated customers


Report and recommendations

The study report highlighted that a poor user experience can have a negative impact beyond the website: on the brand’s image and reputation. The redesign project was then entrusted to me.

Auditing your solution?

Your customers or users are your best ambassadors. Statistics are insufficient to understand your customer or user: a UX audit and user tests can help you to know their perception of your solution or service in order to improve it.

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